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Sleepy Kicks are a four-piece indieboi group formed in Punamu’kwati’jk (Dartmouth), Nova Scotia. Their blood oath in the summer of 2018 was provoked by a shared love for everyone's dads and their precious rock. Indistinguishable from the sound of a summer’s eve on the run from impending danger, they continue to charm their way into people's wallets.

Sleepy Kicks released their debut' EP 'Hard Left' (engineered/mixed/mastered by Sir Jason Jenkyns) just an hour ago so it is still pipin' hot. With every performance, Sleepy Kicks prove themselves to be one of the hungriest high-energy acts on the rise in Halifax (and they will eat almost anything, to a fault. Try it, send us something to eat, and we'll eat it).

Mitch Currie - Vocals/Guitar/Lebowski
Braden Kamermans - Vocals/Guitar/Jorts
Alex Heighton - Bass/Jersey/Beard

Colin McCormick - Drums/Vocals Sometimes/Summit Ice



"These guys sound like a marching band huh?" - Travis

"a picture is worth a thousand words, but a number is only worth a word: number." -Djorgan


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